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Greetings! We are, presenting you the very first one-stop online healthcare pharmacy platform, promising you to dispense a better engaging online platform, where you can now order your daily medications and other healthcare services without much of a hassle. We present to you as one of Bangladesh’s most trusted e-pharmacy, with experienced in providing quality medicines. Time is very limited and we know how important your time is, with just few clicks of the mouse, you are getting your medicines at your doorsteps from any corner of the world. We assure you a more simplistic, user friendly website where you can place your drug orders easily. At, we assist you with looking after your own health as well as care for your precious ones wherever they may live in Bangladesh.

We make a far-reaching range of prescription medicines and other healthcare products available all across Bangladesh. Besides assisting you with drugs and medication, we are offering consultation from verified doctors and physician so that no one stays ill for prolonged period. With one-stop service designed for you, we are also leaving you with some of our delightful offers and discounts that are sure will save you some bucks.

Dhaka is streamed with unavoidable traffic congestion, pharmacies in remotely areas, rainy season and mostly inattentiveness often make us vulnerable at keeping everything into account…these are some of the reasons that could lead to frisking of vital medications especially for those with severe case. Since taking medications regularly is a critical component of handling chronic medical conditions, it’s best not to run out of essential medicines. Just log on to, place your order online and have your medicines delivered to you right away– without losing a sweat.

One-stop Service leaves you with easy access to reliable drug information. You get to know every details about your medicines and once you’re a Mydoctors’ customer, you can upload prescriptions online or place an appointment with doctors you prefer, or get immediate advice through our video conferencing/text messages/voice calls for instant solution for chronic medical condition, you can even sign up for life and non-life insurance online with some of the reputed insurance companies in Bangladesh because we care for your health and wellbeing. Additionally you will receive regular reminders, so you’ll never again caught up short of medicines.

We are also leaving you with a wide range of medicines listed under various categories, and plenty of choice of OTC products including healthcare products, men’s care, women’s care, baby/mother care products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, diabetic care kits, surgical supplies and other accessories.

Trust continues to be a successful running online healthcare platform in the pharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to provide safe, reliable and affordable medicines as well as a customer service idea that is “to earn the loyalty from our valued customers”. We promise you a superior online shopping experience, which includes absolute transactional security, ease of navigation and a whole lot of information.